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Nightmare Cafe, on NBC
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There were only 6 episodes of this in 1992 before it was cancelled, and I only got a chance to see the pilot, but I really liked it. In the years since the show first aired, it has rerun on both Sci-Fi and Chiller, but again, I haven't managed to see it. I should try to watch it online someday, if I can. Anyway, I don't remember it very well, but there was this strange cafe that would just like appear in different places. It was run by a guy named Blackie (Robert Englund). And in the pilot, a man named Frank and a woman named Fay both died, but were given a second chance at life by the cafe, where they became the cook and waitress. The premise of the show is that people would wander into the cafe and the staff would help them with their (existential) problems. I don't really know what else to say, except it was weird and cool and funny and interesting. And I've always been disappointed both that I didn't get to see all the episodes, and that more episodes weren't made.

But I should also mention that in 2011, there was a show called Bar Karma which had a very similar premise....

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