I haven't seen enough of this to rate it.

My Family, on BBC One (UK)
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There's a rather pessimistic and sarcastic dentist named Ben Harper, who has a wife named Susan (Zoë Wanamaker), an adult son named Nick (who is quite funny, but not at all serious about anything, and who is still living at home), a daughter named Janey, and a son named Michael (who is the smartest, most sensible and best-mannered of the children). There's not much I can say, because I've only seen a bit of the show (which ran for 120 episodes over 11 seasons), and I'm not sure if I'll ever have a chance to see any more of it. And I don't remember what I have seen all that well. But it was definitely fairly amusing, so I figured I should at least make passing mention of the fact that I'd seen and enjoyed a bit of it.

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