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Miss Guided, on ABC
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Well, I basically wanted to check this out because it stars Judy Greer. She plays Becky Freeley, who works as a guidance counselor at her old high school (which sort of reminds me of the premise of Welcome Back, Kotter). Well, she never really fit in there when she went to school, like wasn't really pretty or popular or anything. But she's much prettier now. And she has a crush on Tim O'Malley, the auto shop teacher who recently became a Spanish teacher, even though he doesn't know the language very well. But now there's a newly hired English teacher, Lisa Germain, who was popular in high school, and she is also interested in Tim.

Didn't really expect to like the show, but the pilot pleasantly surprised me. It was kind of quirky and silly. Becky really isn't that good at her job, I'd say, though she seems to think she is. Certainly she likes helping students, even though I think her advice isn't that great. Oh, and characters frequently talk directly to the audience, which is a trope that I kind of think fits, here. Um... there's also a grumpy principal named Phil Huffy, who was principal when Becky and Lisa were in school. And then there's the vice principal, Bruce Terry (Chris Parnell), who was frequently bullied when he was in school, and enjoys having power now. He's kind of funny, though. Doesn't seem to be as important as he thinks he is, and I don't think... much of anything is the way he thinks it is.

Okay, not much else I can say right now, but like I said, it's kind of quirky, and it made me laugh more than expected, and also cringe somewhat over the way Becky tends to act.... She's really pretty immature and awkward and stuff, in spite of being perhaps overly optimistic, cheerful, and all... I dunno. Anyway, not a great show, but definitely not bad. I wish it would have lasted longer than seven episodes.

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