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Liberty Street, on CBC (Canada)
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This was a cute and kind of quirky show based on the TV movie X-Rated. It was about this group of disparate characters who lived together in this apartment building in Toronto, called the Pit (short for 'Epitome'). My favorite characters must have been Ernie and Lucille, a couple who ran a sort of nostalgia shop in the Pit's basement. They were pretty cool, in a retro-kitsch-hipster way. Anyway, the whole cast was good, really. But I should mention there were some changes from the movie (you may want to read my review of that, first). If you haven't seen it, this may constitute spoilers... but by the end of the movie, Tony had convinced Drive Home Dave to invest in his Club Mex idea, instead of buying the Pit. And Tony's parents made him the new super. So I guess all the tenants who had disliked him for most of the movie came to like him, particularly River. Maybe. (It's complicated.) However, at the start of the series, Tony and River are both gone, and Mack is the super. And Drive Home Dave owns the building, for some reason. And he hires his nephew, Frank Pagnozzi, to be the super. This is a problem, obviously, because it means Mack will have no job and nowhere to live. But... by the end of the first episode, they work out an arrangement, because Mack is the only one who knows how to deal with all the ongoing maintenance problems in the building.

Btw, I need to mention that in the movie, River was played by Stacie Mistysyn, and in the series, Frank was played by Pat Mastroianni, both of whom I previously knew from Degrassi High. Their characters on that show used to date, so I thought it was kind of funny how they sort of just missed each other in this show. However, I should add that there was a similar dynamic in the series between Frank and a tenant named Annie Hammer, as there had been between Tony and River in the movie. Of course, they're both new characters in the series, and just as Frank fills Tony's position, Annie seems quite similar to River.

There are some other changes, as well. A new tenant named Jan Beecher moves into the Pit, with her young daughter, Chris. Um... but as I said, Lucille and Ernie are still in the show, as are Marsha, Nathan, and Stuart. And... Flex and Wilson seem to be gone. But I think there are some other new tenants I didn't really catch in the first episode. Which is all I have on tape, so I can't really say any more about the series, since I don't remember specifics. And the show ran two seasons; apparently there were more cast changes in the second season. Anyway, I'd really love to see the whole series again, someday.

Oh yeah, also I really liked the theme song, "Ritual," by Cowboy Junkies.

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