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The Jake Effect, on Bravo
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This show was made for NBC in 2003, but never aired. Until 2006, when a marathon of six episodes was run on Bravo, as part of its "Brilliant But Cancelled" series. It starred Jason Bateman, just before Arrested Development started. Here he played Jake Galvin, a lawyer who got fed up with constantly defending "evil corporations," and quit to become a high school teacher. His roommate and best friend, Nick Case (Greg Grunberg, whom I'd later see in Heroes), who also narrates the show, is still a lawyer at Jake's old firm. Another guy from the firm is named Bankhead, a totally clueless jerk who they both can't stand, but who seems to think they're all friends. Meanwhile, at Jake's new job, there's a fellow teacher named Liza, who becomes friends with Jake and Nick, and... well, there's a possibility romance might develop between her and Jake at some point. There's also a teacher played by Kyle Gass of Tenacious D, who is more interested in making his students laugh than in actually teaching them anything. And there's a stern principal (or vice principal, whatever) with whom Jake often gets in trouble, usually without really doing anything wrong. And she has an assistant, played by Leslie Grossman (who I knew from What I Like About You, who I think was very funny. The whole show is... well, brilliantly hilarious and quirky. I especially love Jake and Nick's friendship, and Liza fits in fairly well, I think. Dunno what else to say, except I really wish this show would've gotten a chance....

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