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Good Sports, on CBS
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This starred real life couple Ryan O'Neal and Farrah Fawcett. O'Neal played Bobby Tannen, a former football star who had fallen on hard times. At the start of the series, he was hired to co-host a sports news show with Fawcett's character, Gayle Roberts. Gayle had been co-hosting the show for some time with someone else, who died, which is why Bobby was brought in as a replacement. The sports show was on a fictional cable network called Rappaport (named after the network's owner, R.J. Rappaport, played by Lane Smith, who I'd later see in Lois & Clark). The show's producer was John "Mac" MacKinney, who was more or less a "yes man" to Rappaport (in spite of an episode in which claimed the contrary). And there were some other characters who I don't remember as well, including Jeff Mussberger (played by Cleavant Derricks, who I'd later see in Sliders).

Anyway, there was some tension between Bobby and Gayle, because apparently years ago they'd slept together and he never called her back, or had forgotten it had happened, or something. So she resented being forced to work with him, and disliked his lack of professionalism. But I think eventually they became friends or started dating, or something. I don't remember much specifically about the show, but I know I found it funny and quirky and sometimes weird, in a good way. And all the actors did a great job. It lasted less than a full season, which I think is totally unfair. And I'd love to see it again sometime. Oh yeah, also the opening theme song, by Al Green, was pretty good.

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