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Cupid, on ABC
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I remember liking this when it was on, and I remember being disappointed when it was cancelled after only 14 episodes. It should've lasted longer. But I don't remember a lot about the show specifically, beyond the basic premise. There was a guy called Trevor Hale (Jeremy Piven), who believed he was Cupid. So of course, he tries to get couples together. There's also a psychologist, Dr. Claire Allen (Paula Marshall), who of course doesn't believe Trevor is Cupid. The show never really reveals whether he actually is or not, though perhaps it would have if it had lasted long enough.

Anyway, the show was created by Rob Thomas, who would later create one of my favorite shows ever, Veronica Mars. And about a decade after Cupid's original, all-too-brief run, it would be started over, with new actors. Alas, the new Cupid didn't last very long either, but at least I remember it better than the original. Kind of.

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