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Okay. There's this guy named Nate Solomon, who is a mathematical genius with lots of neurotic quirks and obsessive compulsions and so forth. He works in a record store, instead of doing anything with his gift for mathematics, because people in his family always do all kinds of great things and then go insane, so he's trying to avoid going insane. Then there's this woman named Marni Fliss (Jennifer Finnigan), who has some odd quirks of her own. She kind of reminds me of Dharma (from Dharma & Greg), but not really. In some ways I think she's odder than Dharma, but in other ways more normal. I guess. Oh, and she has a retired, dying clown (played by Tom Poston, from Newhart) living in a walk-in closet in her apartment. (Not that he's dressed like a clown, or anything; he's always in a bathrobe.) Anyway, Nate and Marni are set up on blind dates, though it turns out not with each other. They discover this a little ways into their date. Then, despite liking each other, it seems they won't get together. But of course eventually they do start dating. It seems a pretty good match to me, these two slightly crazy people. I like them. They remind me too much of myself. I like the concept for the show, though the writing isn't as good as it could be, most of the time. But there are some good moments. Oh, also, Nate's friend Bowie works in the record store with him. And Marni has a friend named Tess, who's a nanny. And she has another friend named Todd, who's in a wheelchair, and he and Nate don't get along. Can't tell you much else, I missed at least the last few episodes (of which there were only 13), but it was reasonably fun when I did catch it. I'm not gonna miss it much, though I think I could've really liked it if it had had a chance to develop.

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