The Byrds of Paradise, on ABC
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Um, so there was this teacher named Sam Byrd. After his wife died, he moved from Connecticut to Hawaii with his kids, Harry, Franny, and Zeke. He got a job as headmaster of a private school, there. Which his kids attended. So basically, the family had to get used to living in a new environment while also dealing with the loss of wife & mother. I don't remember the show well, but it was kind of quirky, and of course Hawaii's always nice to look at. It was cool seeing them interact with the locals. I'd really like to see it again someday so I could write a proper review.

Anyway, Sam was played by Timothy Busfield, who I remember at the time reading had been in "Thirtysomething," a show I had previously been aware of, but which I've still never seen. But I'd later see him in Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Harry was played by Seth Green, who I'd later get to know better in stuff like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the "Austin Powers" movies. Franny was played by Jennifer Love Hewitt (who we like), who I'd later get to know better in Party of Five, and other stuff. (I vaguely recall watching Party of Five and thinking it was odd that she looked younger to me in that, at least early on, than she did in this show.) I don't think I really know any other actors in the show, but everyone was good. I wish I remembered the other characters better. Looking up names on IMDb or whatever doesn't really help me, because I can't be positive who was who. But I'm assuming the character "Healani Douglas" is someone I vaguely recall (who we liked), who was, like, a teacher or something at the school Sam ran. She may have become a love interest for him, or at least a friend. Also I vaguely recall an old Hawaiian couple, or something, who I think were sort of friends of the Byrds, or may have worked for them in some capacity, I forget. I definitely seem to recall Zeke (the youngest of Sam's kids) being friendly with them. Or... someone. Damn my memory. Um, I also vaguely recall liking hearing people speak pidgin, which I'd later hear in stuff like Hawaii Five-0.

Byrds of Paradise