The Book of Daniel, on NBC
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I don't remember if I ever even bothered to write a review of this. If I did, I deleted it. Which I kind of regret, now... you know, assuming it happened. Whatever, the show was cancelled after four episodes, and I guess the rest were streamed online. I don't remember if I bothered watching those; probably not. In fact I don't remember if I saw every episode that aired, but I probably did. The show was fairly controversial, I guess, but I have a high threshold for such things, which tends to make me annoyed by other people finding things like this offensive. Particularly when it leads to stations refusing to air shows, as happened to some extent with this one. Even so... I also don't remember whether the show managed to hold my interest. It's possible I wouldn't have stuck with it even if it had continued. But I do believe I at least liked the pilot.

Anyway... it was about an Episcopal priest, Rev. Daniel Webster (Aidan Quinn), who was addicted to painkillers, and had conversations with Jesus... who was most likely a drug-induced hallucination. (Or not, I dunno.) And... he had a wife named Judith, a 23-year-old gay son named Peter, a 16-year-old daughter named Grace (Alison Pill), and a 16-year-old adopted Chinese son named Adam. I think the whole family had their own issues they were dealing with, and Daniel had to struggle with all that on top of his own drug problem as well as a crisis of faith. And there were more practical financial problems he had to deal with, in his church. Including unwanted ties to the mob, I believe. It was definitely an interesting show, to begin with... so I should try to catch the whole thing sometime (it's available on DVD), and reevaluate my opinion, maybe write a better review. ...For now, the one thing I remember liking is a scene in which someone... I forget if it was Peter or Adam... discovered some of Grace's artwork, and said "I didn't know you do manga!" which prompted Daniel to ask if manga was a drug. Oh yes, that was total lolz.

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