too something

The title of this section of reviews, "Too Something," refers to the fact that shows I list here are too poorly-remembered (i.e., I don't remember them as well as I'd like), or too short-lived (I wish they'd lasted longer), or in many cases, both of those things. It can also mean other things, like I've too little interest in including the shows in more specific categories, or I'm too unsure of which category to put them in, or I've seen too few episodes, or... I dunno, there may be other "too" reasons I put things here. Some of these things I don't have any real interest in seeing again, but many of them are things I'd very much like to see again, and if I did... I might move them to another section. Others I might still leave here, just because even if I enhance my memory of them... they'll still be too short-lived. On the other hand, there are reviews in various other sections which were also too short-lived (or too poorly-remembered), and I can't really explain why I put them there instead of here. In some cases it may be that in spite of their being cancelled early, I don't really mind that they were. In some cases it may be that I'm just trying to fill out a genre's section. In some cases it may be that I'm too lazy to move a review. In some cases... I just don't know why, okay?

You may also notice that the title of one of the shows included here is "Too Something." There's no significance to this except that the show happened to have a title which was apt for describing this section.

Oh yeah also, most of the shows in this section probably won't be rated, seeing as how I don't remember them that well. But a few will be (particularly the more recent shows that are only here for being short-lived). Mind you, even the few that I do rate, it's quite possible I'd have rated them differently (whether higher or lower) if the show had lasted longer. And as in any category, it's possible I'd rate them differently if I remembered them better. But I'm not going to even try to rate them unless I think I remember them reasonably well....