Switchback, on CBC (Canada)
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This apparently was produced in different parts of Canada over the years, with different hosts. The only one I ever saw was Stan Johnson. Anyway, the show used to be on Sunday mornings when I was a kid, in the 1980s. Um... Stan had a stuffed animal, which was a dog named Rufus. And there was also a guy in a gorilla suit. And um... Stan would like talk about stuff or whatever. Also there'd be letters from viewers, generally with some kind of contest to draw pictures or whatever on the back of the envelope. Or front? I dunno, whichever side you don't write the address on, I guess. (I remember the theme music for the viewer mail segment, "Letters, we get letters, we get stacks and stacks of letters." Years later, I'd hear the jingle on Late Show with David Letterman, but apparently it originated on "The Perry Como Show," which is way before my time.) Also there'd be little snippets of old shows like say Batman or Get Smart, I think. I dunno what else to say. It was kinda fun, something to do while waiting for Mom to get ready to go to church. Then I'd have to turn off the TV and go to church before the show was over. I dunno, I think it was like an hour and a half or something. Anyway, it was like um... weird, kind of... cheap and unprofessional and stuff. I liked it. I barely remember it now, but it's kind of nostalgic, to me.

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