Rotten Television, on VH1
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This was a show hosted (if hosted is the right word) by John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten (of "Sex Pistols" and "Public Image Ltd" fame). There were supposed to be something like seven episodes, but only three were actually made before John and VH1 had a falling out (and I don't think the third one ever aired). It wasn't really a regular series, anyway. It's just something that John seemed to do whenever he got around to making an installment, I guess. I caught maybe one and a half episodes, and I don't remember them well. In any event, it was just basically John as himself, talking about whatever was on his mind, I guess. It's an interesting mind he's got, and there's a lot I respect about the guy's take on life and the world. I might disagree on some things, and I doubt he'd like me at all, but I think for the most part he's pretty cool. And he pretty well sees through all the sham of... pretty much everything, I guess. Anyway, since he did talk with celebrities a bit, while just like wandering around or whatever, and certainly talked a lot himself, I guess I'll put this on the talk shows page, though I don't think this show can strictly be defined as such, nor really be put into any specific category at all. I can't think what else to say, just at the moment. But it'd be nice to see the show again, someday.

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