The Midnight Hour, on CBS

In 1989-90, Pat Sajak (of Wheel of Fortune) hosted his own late night talk show, "The Pat Sajak Show." It was the first show of its kind I ever had the chance to see, because I didn't have any other channels but CBS, basically. The show didn't last long and was pretty universally panned, I think. I don't clearly remember it, myself, nor did I miss it. But after it was cancelled, there was this other show, "The Midnight Hour," which didn't even last as long as Sajak's show, and no one even seems to remember it, now. Apparently it had rotating hosts, but the only one I remember at all is Joy Behar. (This is the first thing I ever saw her in, I believe.) I don't remember the show clearly at all, but I feel like I must have liked it better than the Pat Sajak Show. So I'd like to see it again someday, but of course that'll never happen. I just wanted to make some mention of the fact that I did watch it. And, you know, the fact that it existed....

Of course, several months after this ended, CBS started airing various series under the banner Crimetime After Primetime, which I remember much more fondly. A couple of years later, The Late Show premiered. And that was pretty much that.

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