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Kindred: The Embraced, on FOX
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Based on a trading card game/RPG kind of thing about Vampires. I never had a chance to really get into or learn anything about the games, but I understand this show doesn't get it quite right. It's still a pretty good show and a fair introduction to the games' spin on the whole Vampire mythology, which is one of the most interesting takes on such things, ever. There are a bunch of different clans of vampires, each with their own special attributes, skills, appearances, personalities, and so forth. Each clan has a 'primogen' who represents them on a council in each city, and each city has a prince who rules all the clans. Usually the prince is a member of clan Ventrue. Um, anyway, this show focuses on San Francisco, and the inter-clan politics and some humans who get involved, a cop and a reporter, I believe. It only lasted eight episodes, which is a shame. It was a cool and rather stylized show, dark and interesting and stuff. Someday I definitely intend to get it on DVD, and write a proper review.

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