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The Dead Zone, on USA Network
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Based on a Stephen King novel, which I've never read. There was also a movie made of the novel, back in '83, but I didn't see it till after a couple seasons of the show, and I didn't like it nearly as much. Anyway, what to say? This guy Johnny Smith (Anthony Michael Hall) was a teacher, and was engaged to one of the other teachers at his school, then he was in a car crash and went into a coma for several years. Then he woke up and his fiancée, Sarah (Nicole de Boer), is now married to the local sheriff, Walt Bannerman. They're raising a son named Johnny, who is actually Johnny Smith's son, though the kid doesn't know that. (Sarah had become pregnant shortly before the car crash.) Anyway, now the elder Johnny has psychic visions. It happened to him before, when he was a kid, I guess, but now his powers are full-blown and Johnny doesn't really want them, but he has to live with them, and does his best to use them for good.

Meanwhile he's trying to get back to his old life, getting a job, and remaining friends with Sarah, with whom, naturally, he's still in love. Which causes some complications, of course. Then there's this reporter named Dana, who does some stories on Johnny and his new abilities, but the two of them also get rather close. And there's Reverend Gene Purdy (David Ogden Stiers), who was like an old friend of Johnny's mother (who's dead now), and he wants to help Johnny but also has ulterior motives. He has political connections and stuff, not quite sure what to say about that. And Johnny becomes friends with his physical therapist, Bruce Lewis, who gets involved in Johnny's efforts to help people from his visions or whatever...

I really need to update this review sometime, as there were plenty of changes over the seasons... Anyway, it's pretty cool and stuff. Interesting stories, and um... gah, I just like it, okay? I dunno what else to tell you.

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