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The Chronicle, on Sci-Fi
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Based on a series of books called News From the Edge, which I hadn't read at the time this series aired. I eventually read them, years later, and the show seems to bear very little resemblance to the books. Like practically none. There's this tabloid called the World Chronicle, which reports all kinds of strange, supernatural and paranormal stuff, aliens and monsters and ghosts and whatnot. Which is all quite real, though most people don't believe in it. This new reporter named Tucker Burns doesn't believe at first, but he soon has to. And he's partnered with a photographer named Wes Freewald. And there's another reporter at the Chronicle, Grace Hall (Rena Sofer), who was abducted by aliens before. And there's this pig-guy named Sal (Curtis Armstrong), a former subject of one of the paper's stories, who does research and stuff. And the editor, Donald Stern... has a bit of a mysterious past... And um, Tucker has a girlfriend named Kristen Martin, who is a reporter for a more respectable paper or whatever, who doesn't believe in all this supernatural stuff...

Anyway, it wa a cool and funny and strange show. And then it got cancelled, leaving it on a cliffhanger which I guess will never be resolved, which completely sucks. Grace has retreated to the past with some guy from the future who's like in the witness protection program or something... Meanwhile, some cop or whatever wants to shut down the Chronicle and put Donald in jail. So... I dunno what else to say.... except that the show was created by Silvio Horta, which I basically mention just because I like the guy's name. Anyway, I don't remember the series as well as I'd like to, so it'd be nice to see it again someday (even if it does renew my annoyance at its having been cancelled so early).

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