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Being Human, on BBC Three (UK)
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Okay, there's a vampire named Mitchell, a werewolf named George, and a ghost named Annie, who are all living together. They're renting the place from Annie's former fiancee, Owen (who has no idea Annie is still around as a ghost, and of course he doesn't know what Mitchell and George are, either). Um... Mitchell and George work at a hospital. And there was a friend of theirs, Lauren, who I think George had been interested in, but she slept with Mitchell, and he turned her into a vampire (George thought she had died, but found out the truth in episode 1). We'll see some other vampires, the main one being William Herrick. He's a local leader among the vampire community, and is planning some kind of major change, which I think involves revealing their kind's existence to humanity. Herrick and his allies would like Mitchell to join them, but recently he has given up, um, doing vampire type stuff, and has sided with humanity.

Well, Mitchell, George, and Annie each have lots of dramatic stuff to deal with, with their respective situations. None of them is happy being what they are, and it's especially hard on Annie. It seems some people can see and hear her, though some can't, nor can she touch anyone. Except maybe monsters like George and Mitchell, I dunno. There's also a nurse at the hospital named Nina, who George starts a relationship with, but it's complicated, since he's trying to keep his secret from her. But anyway, the show is... it's all sort of uber-angsty, but there's also some humor. And um... some very serious, dramatic stuff, which I won't spoil. So I guess that's all I can say....

There were five seasons, but so far I've only seen the first. I'd like to see more, eventually. Also, there was an American remake of the series on Syfy, but I only watched the first episode or two of that (and have no interest in seeing more).

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