The Tick tek's rating: ½

The Tick, on FOX
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This show wasn't nearly as good as the earlier cartoon, The Tick. I guess there was a comic book before the cartoon, but I never read it. But I loved the cartoon, and I rather liked this live-action version. It had a decent cast, and it was funny, and it deserved to live longer. Patrick Warburton is exactly who I would have chosen to play the Tick in a live-action version of the cartoon, so I have no reason to complain about that. Um, anyway... the Tick is this big blue superhero who's fairly clueless and stuff. And his sidekick is Arthur, a guy in a moth suit. And they had friends named Captain Liberty and Batmanuel, who in the cartoon were called American Maid and Die Fledermaus. And um, anyway, this whole 'being a superhero' gig is just like another job and stuff, um, it's kinda weird, I dunno what to tell you. I really wish it would have lasted longer. Someday I definitely have to rewatch it on DVDs.

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