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The Flash, on CBS
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Based, of course, on the comic book superhero. Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) was a forensic investigator for the Central City police department. Then lightning struck him in his lab and like knocked him into this shelf o' chemicals and stuff and he got super-speed. Of course he'd have to eat a hell of a lot to replenish his energy. Anyway, what else? He had a coworker and friend named Julio Mendez (Alex Désert), who was cool. But the only one who knew about Barry's new power was a scientist at STAR Labs, Tina McGee (Amanda Pays). Anyway, the series started with a TV movie, in which Barry's brother Jay, a non-sciency kinda cop, was killed by a bad guy named Pike. Barry's lucky accident happened later, and he became a superhero and caught Pike and went on to catch other bad guys (some of them supervillains) in the series.

Um... I really enjoyed the series and wished it woulda lasted more than just one season. Plus I think I missed an episode because of that damned Desert Storm thing going on in Iraq, that year. Anything else to say? Joyce Hyser was in at least a couple episodes, and her character learned that Barry was the Flash. Also Mark Hamill played the Trickster. And Corinne Bohrer played Prank. Well, that's about all I can say, I guess. I have the DVDs, and my roommates were watching them for awhile, so I saw enough to realize the show maybe wasn't quite as good as I remembered. But I wasn't really watching, so someday I have to actually sit down and just watch the series again, properly. And then maybe write a better review.

Oh yeah, and the theme music was by Danny Elfman, which you could tell because it sounded so incredibly similar to his theme for Batman (the movie or The Animated Series, both).

In 2014, a new Flash TV series began airing on the CW.

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