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Scared Shrekless, on NBC
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This aired on NBC a few days before Halloween 2010. I wasn't sure if I should watch it or not, since I hadn't yet seen the fourth Shrek movie, but I risked it. And I didn't notice anything that seemed spoilery; at least, not as long as you've seen the first three movies. Anyway, Shrek and Fiona and their little ogrelings were out scaring trick-or-treaters. When they get home, all their friends try to scare them, but fail. Of course ogres are like the kings of Halloween or whatever, and Shrek says they can't be scared. So naturally the others want to try to scare him by telling scary stories. Shrek takes them to the supposedly haunted, abandoned castle of Lord Farquaad. Gingy tells a story, then Donkey and Puss tell a story which keeps getting altered as they can't really work together on it very well. Then Shrek tells a story. And... I don't want to say how the special ends. But while it was all reasonably amusing, none of it was really that scary. It's always fun to see these characters, but even so... meh. I didn't feel like there was a lot of point to it.

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