tek's rating: ½
Kappa Mikey: The Karaoke Episode

Caution: potential spoilers.

Well, this was an hourlong musical episode (billed as a movie), from the series Kappa Mikey, and it was kind of interesting. It sort of reminded me of the "Once More, With Feeling" episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It starts, as usual, with an episode of LilyMu, and at one point Mikey is supposed to use a sort of supersonic singing attack, or whatever. But he really sucks, and is bad singing is amplified so everyone just quits shooting for the day, and they convince Ozu to have a pizza party.

Mikey finds something in storage, which he thinks is a pinball machine, but actually it's a karaoke machine, with a genie inside. Ozu had gotten it from a haunted cave, apparently. The others sing a song to try to convince Mikey that karaoke is fun and stuff, but he thinks it's hokey, and he insults the genie a few times, so the genie puts a curse on everyone to teach Mikey a lesson. For the rest of the episode, no one can simply talk, they can only sing whatever they say.

Eventually they try to shoot an all-singing episode of LilyMu, but it doesn't work out so well, so Ozu decides he has no choice but to cancel the show. But eventually... well there's this whole play on "follow the bouncing ball" that I thought was kinda clever, and eventually they discover the curse came from the genie (which seems kind of strange that they didn't know all along), and Mikey convinces him that he learned his lesson or whatever, and the curse is lifted.

Don't know what else to say, really. The cast really aren't great singers, but they have their moments. And at one point I even thought Guano kinda reminded me of Billy Corgan. Though obviously not as good. Oh, and Mitsuki had a song that kind of reminded me of Tara singing "I'm Under Your Spell." And Lily had a fun rap number. And there was one song that parodied a few Michael Jackson videos (I particularly enjoyed the "Black or White" morphing bit.) And Gonard's song was nicely psychadelic. Um yeah anyway, not a great episode, but it was okay. As I say, it had its moments....

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