All My Children, on ABC
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This aired from 1970 to 2011, but I just watched it for a little while in like the early 90s. Anyway, what to say? Um, the show is set in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania. The major character of the show seems to have always been Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). I dunno what to say about the character, but at the time I was watching, she was married to a guy named Dimitri Marick. And she had a daughter named Kendall Hart. I think actually I had stopped watching for a while, then started again when I heard that Sarah Michelle Gellar was going to join the show as Kendall, in 1993. This was before she became famous as Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I was already a fan for her role in a little show called Swan's Crossing. Or, maybe I didn't return to the show then, maybe that's when I first started watching. I don't remember, but either way, I watched because of her, for awhile. Anyway, Erica also had a daughter named Bianca, though I'm afraid I never got to know her, really (though some years after I stopped watching, I heard about her having an important storyline).

What else? Well, another major reason to watch the show was always Maria Santos (Eva LaRue). Let's see, she was married to a guy named Edmund Grey, and she had a sister named Julia (Sydney Penny). They had a brother named Mateo, who was married to Hayley Vaughan (Kelly Ripa, who would later replace Kathie Lee Gifford on Live!). She was the daughter of Adam Chandler, who has a twin brother named Stuart (who I believe was somewhat mentally challenged). Let's see, there was also a woman named Brooke English (Julia Barr), who had been married to Adam, and Edmund, and a guy named Tad Martin (I think that's who she was with when I was watching). No, no, wait... I definitely remember him being married to a woman named Dixie (Cady McClain). Well, doubtless I'm forgetting plenty of people, and I remember very little plotwise. But it seemed interesting enough for awhile.

Also I should say, the show existed within the same fictional universe as One Life to Live, though I don't recall whether I ever actually saw any crossover between the two shows, myself.

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