tek's rating: ½

WKRP in Cincinnati, on CBS
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A very cool and funny show set in a struggling AM radio station, full of odd, kind of nutty characters (I'm almost tempted to put my review under "quirky" instead of "comedy"). Johnny Fever was probably the best one. But they were all fun characters and it was a great and weird ensemble show and they all worked well off each other. Um... the station was run by Arthur Carlson, though I think he only had the position because his mother owned the station. The show begins when a guy named Andy Travis gets a job at WKRP, as a program director. (He's pretty much the only sane person there.) There was a news director named Les Nessman, who was pretty clueless and odd. There was Herb Tarlek, a sort of sleazy ad sales guy. A receptionist named Jennifer Marlowe. And Johnny Fever was a DJ, a bit of a burnt-out shock jock type, or something. Another DJ was called Venus Flytrap, who was pretty good. And there was an intern named Bailey Quarters. And I dunno what else to say, really. It was... odd and funny and I'd like to see it again sometime. And I really liked both the opening and closing theme songs, though they were pretty different. (The opening theme was sort of almost easy listening or something, whereas the closing theme was more rock.)

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