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Teen Angel, on ABC
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In the brief while the show was around, it was hilarious because of how absurd it was. If it had lasted very long, its shtick probably would've gotten old. But as it was, it was pretty fun. Anyway, this teenager named Marty DePolo ate this 6-month old hamburger he found under the bed, and died. And came back as his best friend Steve Beauchamp's guardian angel. Hilarity ensued. Marty often had to deal with his heavenly boss, Rod (a giant head that was God's cousin, played by Ron Glass, who would become more familiar to me for Firefly). Rod had little patience for Marty's smart alecky ways. I'm afraid I don't really remember any of the other characters, though I vaguely recall Conchata Ferrell as Aunt Pam.

Not sure what to say, really, except to reiterate how ridiculous and therefore hilarious it was. The best ep was when Marty went back in time and stopped himself from eating the burger, so that he would never have died. But someone else ended up eating it, and dying and becoming an angel and going back in time to stop themselves from eating it, which went on and on until everyone Marty and Steve knew had ended up eating it and dying and somehow everyone else always died too.... Anyway, I'd love to see the series again sometime.

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