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Spin City, on ABC
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This show ran for six season, but I think I pretty much just watched the first couple of them. And I don't remember it that well. Barry Bostwick played Randall Winston (the mayor of New York City) and his staff. The deputy mayor was Mike Flaherty (played by Michael J. Fox). Other characters included press secretary Paul Lassiter (Richard Kind), chief of staff Stuart Bondek (Alan Ruck), head of minority affairs Carter Heywood (Michael Boatman), accountant Nikki Faber (Connie Britton), Mike's secretary Stacy Paterno (Jennifer Esposito), speech writer James Hobert, and Janelle Cooper (originally Mike's secretary, later the mayor's). (I wouldn't have remembered most of these characters' names or positions without consulting Wikipedia.) Also, mike was dating a reporter named Ashley Schaffer (Carla Gugino), though that didn't last long, unfortunately. In later seasons, there would be cast changes, including Charlie Sheen playing a new deputy mayor (after Fox had to leave the show because of his struggle with Parkinson's disease). But I'm not sure if I ever saw any of his time on the show.

As I said, I don't remember even the seasons I have seen very well, but I know I liked the show when it was on, and I liked the characters. Ruck was good as Stuart, who had a lot of deplorable personality traits, but was still funny and oddly likable. Boatman was good as Carter, an intelligent, classy, well-adjusted gay black man (a rarity on TV, especially back then). His relationship with Stuart started out adversarial, but eventually they became friends. Not sure what to say about anyone else, but they were all smart, funny, and sarcastic. Anyway, it was a good show, and I might like to see some reruns someday. At least of the early seasons; the later seasons are of no real interest to me.

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