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Red Dwarf, on BBC Two (UK)
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This could go on the sci-fi page, of course, but it's really a comedy, and bloody brilliant. (It could also probably go on the "weird" page.) There were like eight or nine series, though I'm sure I haven't seen nearly the whole thing. (Years later there were a few more series of the show.) I need to get it all on DVD eventually. Both for my own enjoyment, and so that I might write a proper review.

Anyway, there was this mining ship from Earth, the Red Dwarf, and its crew were all killed by a radiation leak, except Dave Lister, who was in cryostasis at the time, punished for bringing his cat onboard. Because of the radiation, the ship's computer kept him in stasis for 3 million years, until it was safe to revive him. Meanwhile his cat had kittens, and over the millions of years the succeeding generations evolved into a humanoid, intelligent race which eventually destroyed itself in a war. In the end, there was only one member of the race left, who is called Cat; after Lister is revived, they become friends. Also on board is Holly, the ship's A.I., and there is a single mobile holoemitter to use to create a holographic simulation of one of the ship's dead crew. It's used for Arnold Rimmer, a junior officer one rank higher than Lister, who's very professional but very inept and annoying. Though he thinks Lister is annoying, and perhaps he's right, but at least Lister's cool and stuff. Anyway... um, after awhile they pick up a mechanoid named Kryten... and over the years all kinds of odd and hilarious things happen. I don't know what else to say, it's a really really strange and hilarious show.

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