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Perfect Strangers, on ABC
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Larry Appleton was a photographer working for a newspaper... Oh wait, not at first. He worked in like a small furniture or electronics store or something. In Chicago. And a distant cousin, Balki Bartokomous, came to America from fictional country Mypos. Anyway, he was funny. And he got a job working in the same store with Larry, but eventually they ended up working for a newspaper (in season 3). And they had these girlfriends, Jennifer and Mary Anne (starting in season 2). There was a woman named Harriette Winslow who also worked at the newspaper, and she and her family eventually spun off into their own series, Family Matters. I guess I'm not as familiar with the early seasons or the later seasons... mostly the middle seasons. I'm not quite sure what to say, except I liked Larry and Balki, thought they were both funny, and had an interesting relationship. The show was kind of quirky, but mostly sitcom-y. I don't remember a lot of actual episodes, just a sense of what the show was like in general... though there were a few memorable bits. And I liked the theme song. I wish I could think of more to tell you. Hopefully I'll see reruns someday.

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