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My Wife and Kids, on ABC
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I never really watched much of this, it's something I saw a bit of because my sister used to watch it in reruns. I generally didn't pay attention, but when I did, I suppose I thought it was okay. Anyway, Damon Wayans played this guy named Michael Kyle, who had a wife named Jay, a teenage son called Junior, a teenage daughter named Claire (played by a different actress in seasons 2-5 than in season 1), and a younger daughter named Kady. Also there was a boy named Franklin who was friends with Kady, and who I guess was kind of like her boyfriend, or at least he wanted to be (I'm not sure if Kady thought of him as more than a friend, but they were both much too young for romantic involvements, anyway). Um... I don't really know what to say about the show. Michael was kind of goofy. Junior was dumb. Franklin was very smart for his age, I guess, and often had conversations with Michael as if they were equals. Or something. Anyway, it was an amusing show, but too "sitcom-y" for me to really get into that much.

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