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May to December, on BBC One (UK)
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I used to watch this on my local public television station. I probably didn't see the whole series, not that it was very long (only 39 episodes, in six seasons). Anyway, there was this widowed solicitor in his 50s, named Alec Callender, who handled the divorce of a P.E. teacher in her 20s, named ZoŽ Angell. In spite of their age difference, the two of them had a lot in common, so they started dating. (ZoŽ was played by a different actress in seasons 3-6 than in the first two seasons; I liked the original actress better, but I'm fairly sure I saw a lot less of the last four seasons than I did of the first two.) Alec had two grown children: a prudish daughter named Simone, who was married to a vicar, and disapproved of her father's relationship with ZoŽ; and a son named Jamie, who worked in Alec's law firm (Semple, Callender & Henty). He was much more easy-going and funny than Simone, and approved of his father's relationship. Alec also had a partner in the firm named Miles Henty (played by Clive Francis, who I've always enjoyed in various British shows like this). He also approved of Alec's relationship with ZoŽ, though not exactly for the right reasons. Also Alec has a secretary named Vera Flood, while Miles has a secretary named Hillary (who's rather ditzy). We also sometimes see ZoŽ's sister, Debbie, and their mother, Dot.

I don't remember a whole lot specifically about the show, but I know I always found it amusing. I thought Alec and ZoŽ were a pretty good couple, and I also thought Jamie and Miles were great characters. I'd like to see the show again, sometime, but there's probably not much more I could say about it, anyway.

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