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Malcolm in the Middle, on FOX
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Well, I haven't always watched as much of this as I should have. But I suppose I've seen a fair amount. Can't think of much to say about it, it's just a family full of odd people or whatever. Their last name is never implicitly revealed, and that's a bit of a joke, I guess. Anyway, the title character, Malcolm, is a genius, though still just as twisted as the rest of his family. He often talks to the audience in asides. His mom, Lois, is overbearing. His dad, Hal, is... sort of a worrier, I guess. His older brother Reese is sort of a dumb, psycho troublemaker and underachiever. The oldest brother, Francis, was a troublemaker himself, when younger. Then he got sent to military school. Later he was a foreman of a dude ranch run by a German couple, Otto and Gretchen. And he married a woman named Piama. Over the years he's actually had various jobs, or lack thereof. Malcolm's youngest brother, until recently, was Dewey. For the first few years of the show, he just basically seemed to live in his own little world, I guess. But eventually he started really getting involved in things. Um... he shows some signs of almost Malcolm-level talent, but doesn't get noticed much by his family. Hal and Lois eventually had another baby, Jamie. Of course, there are some non-family members, too, like Malcolm's friend Stevie, a fellow genius who's in a wheel chair and like asthmatic, and stuff; and this guy Craig who works with Lois at a drug store called Lucky Aide, and who has a crush on her. Anyway, it's a funny, twisted, dysfunctional show, and it's cool. And I dunno what else to say. Except that I really like the theme song, "Boss of Me," by They Might Be Giants.

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