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Love & War, on CBS
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There was this little restaurant full of these funny people. Jack Stein (Jay Thomas) had some newspaper column, ranting about sports or something. In the first season the restaurant's owner was Wallly Porter (Susan Dey). But she was replaced in season 2 by a different character, Dana Palladino (Annie Potts). Also, Jack had a couple of friends; one was a garbage man, Ray Litvak (Joel Murray), and one was another sports writer, Meg Tynan (Suzie Plakson). We also occasionally saw a guy named Kip, an actor who was Wally's ex, maybe? I forget. Very vain and stuff, but funny. And there was a waitress named Nadine Berkus (Joanna Gleason).

I'm afraid I don't remember the show as well as I'd like, but it really was quite good. Jack was a fairly grumpy guy, but funny. Well, everyone was funny. He had a sort of romantic relationship with Wally in the first season, I guess, and later a relationship with Dana. I'm not really sure what else to say, except that when I think back on it, I can't help thinking a later sitcom, Becker, was quite reminiscent of it....

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