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Lenny, on CBS
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This only lasted one season, but I quite liked it at the time. Lenny Clarke (who I'd later see in The John Larroquette Show) played Lenny Callahan, a Bostonian who held two jobs to support his family. He had a wife named Shelley, a couple of daughters named Kelly and Tracy (the latter one was rather precocious; both were rather sarcastic). Kelly was played by Jenna von Oy, who I'd soon see as Six in the much more successful show Blossom. Other characters in the show included Lenny's brother, Eddie (played by Peter Dobson, who I'd later see in Johnny Bago), and their parents, Pat and Mary Callahan. I really liked all the characters, and I thought it was a very funny show. And I really liked the theme song, and still sing it in my head occasionally. Also on a totally pointless note, I named my shamrock plant "Lenny," because of this show. I'm afraid I don't remember a lot of details about the show, but I'd love to see it again sometime, and I've always thought it was a shame it didn't last longer. (But then again, if it had, maybe the actors wouldn't have gone on to arguably better things.)

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