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Welcome Back, Kotter, on ABC
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This was a pretty funny show. Gabe Kotter went to this school in Brooklyn I guess, when he was a kid, and he was a member of this group of remedial troublemakers called the Sweathogs. Then he grew up and became a teacher and went back to teach at the same school, teaching a new generation of Sweathogs. The main four kids now are Vinnie Barbarino (the leader, who is really vain and the dumbest of them; played by John Travolta); Arnold Horshack (my favorite Sweathog, who is kind of weird and stuff); Freddie Washington (whose catchphrase was "Hi there"); and Juan Epstein (the Puerto Rican Jew who always had an amusing forged note from his mother). Um, anyway... Mr. Kotter thinks he's a comedian (probably because he's played by one). There's also this vice principal, Mr. Woodman, who doesn't really like any of the sweathogs or Mr. Kotter or much of anything except making people miserable. And Gabe has a wife named Julie. And I can't really think what else to say. It was just funny and I liked all the characters and stuff. A very comfortable old show, though I suppose it first aired before I was old enough to watch it. So I later saw it in reruns. Oh yeah, and the theme song was pretty good.

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