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The Golden Girls, on NBC
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Caution: potential spoiler.

Wow... I can't quite believe it, but it seems I never wrote up a review of this. I think when I was first working on my TV reviews section, I was kind of... well, I remembered the show perhaps less fondly than I should have. Well, it was never a favorite, but it was okay. Um... so, anyway, it was about these four older women, living together in Miami. The house where they lived was owned by Blanche Devereaux, who was very Southern and who um... dated a lot. Her roommates included a substitute teacher named Dorothy Zbornak (whose ex-husband, Stan, showed up occasionally), Rose Nylund (who was basically very nice but very dumb, and often told stories about her home town of St. Olaf, Minnesota), and Dorothy's mother, Sophia Petrillo (who often told stories about Sicily). And um, all of them except Dorothy were widowed. They were all very different personalities, and didn't always get along, but basically they were the best of friends. And I dunno what else to say. It was always reasonably funny. *shrug*

Oh yes, eventually there was a spin-off called The Golden Palace, in which Blanche, Rose, and Sophia bought a hotel, or something, after Dorothy remarried and left. Also, Empty Nest was a spin-off of this show, though the connection was more tenuous than that of Golden Palace... I liked Empty Nest a lot better.

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