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Family Matters, on ABC
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A spin-off of Perfect Strangers. It was about the Winslow family: Harriette, her husband Carl, and their kids, Eddie, Laura, and Judy. And Rachel Crawford, who I think was like Harriette's sister, or whatever. And her son, Richie. And Carl's mother, Estelle. And Eddie had a dumb but funny friend named Waldo Faldo. And I reckon there were some other characters.

The show is best known, of course, for a character named Steve Urkel, who was an uber-nerd. Quite brilliant, but also really weird and annoying. He was the Winslows' neighbor, I guess, and he had a serious crush on Laura, who only thought of him as a friend. He also felt close to the whole family, actually, especially Carl, who found him very annoying most of the time. Urkel had various catchphrases, too, like "Did I do that?" for example. He was very accident-prone. Um, and there was also a girl named Myra, who liked Urkel. They actually ended up dating for awhile, but I don't think it lasted, because he never really got over Laura. Um, at some point Urkel invented a robot version of himself. And a machine that turned him into a cool version of himself, Stefan Urquelle. Laura liked Stefan, but Myra preferred Steve.

Dunno what else to say. I don't think I watched it that much, nor did I like it that much. But it had its moments. I suppose it could be kind of amusing. Sort of. And, you know... you just have to have seen some of it, because... to live your life without even the remotest familiarity with Steve Urkel... just isn't possible. Anyway, it's a shame Urkel got so much focus, especially since he was only supposed to be in one episode, originally. Still, he was the most interesting and funniest character on the show.

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