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Blossom, on NBC
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I don't remember this show as well as I'd like to, and I certainly hope to see it again someday. I know I quite enjoyed it while it was on. Anyway, it was about this teenage girl named Blossom Russo (Mayim Bialik). Her parents had just divorced at the start of the series, I guess. Blossom and her brothers Anthony and Joey (Joey Lawrence) lived with their father, Nick, and they all had to adjust to things with their mother/wife out of their lives. I think it was particularly hard for Blossom, just entering puberty without her mother around to help her through it. But for the most part... well, Blossom could be both upbeat and sarcastic, and kind of quirky. Um, another important character was her best friend, Six LeMeure (Jenna von Oy), who was famous for rapid-fire rambles. Meanwhile, Joey was famous for being kind of dumb, and for saying "Whoa!" and he quickly became a teen heartthrob. But my favorite character was probably Anthony... though I couldn't tell you much about him, now. I really wish I remembered this show better. At some point, Nick married a British woman named Carol, who had a daughter named Kennedy, from a previous marriage. Also for awhile, Nick's father-in-law, Buzz, lived with them. And for awhile Blossom had a boyfriend named Vinnie. The show was famous for its "very special" episodes, and the term "a very special Blossom" became a bit of a joke, on other shows. Aside from that, all I can really think to say is that I always really liked the theme song, "My Opinionation," sung by Dr. John.

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