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Alex, Inc., on ABC
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Zach Braff plays Alex Schuman, a radio journalist who quits his job to start a podcast company. He has a supportive wife named Meheroon "Rooni" Schuman (Tiya Sircar), who is a public defender. They have two young kids, Ben and Soraya. Joining Alex in building his new company is his longtime producer, Deirdre Riordan (who seems to be romantically obsessed with him, despite his devotion to his wife). But since they don't know anything about business, Alex gets help on that front from his cousin, Eddie LaGuzza (Michael Imperioli). They end up getting a space for their business in a building that also houses various other wacky startups, with no walls separating them all. And for now, that's pretty much all I can say, but I find the show amusing and charming, and I really like all the characters. And it's kind of quirky (but not quite enough for me to put it in that category). Unfortunately, it was cancelled after one season of ten episodes. I really wish it would have been renewed. Sigh.

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