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Hard Time on Planet Earth, on CBS
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There was this alien world, which I believe was called Ondarius (but I'm probably spelling that wrong). The people looked kind of like some weird spacesuits or something. And a group of soldiers rebelled against the ruling council. And the rebels' leader was captured and exiled to Earth, to learn to restrain his hostility. He was put in a human body, but he was still much stronger than normal humans. And there was this little hovering thing called a control unit, or just Control, who would monitor his progress and send reports back to the council. Control was funny. He'd study old TV shows and movies and confuse it with history. And always mixed up human sayings. And stuff. Anyway, this warrior guy took on the name Jesse, and just travelled around getting new work each week and meeting new folks and helping them out with their problems. Not an overly clever show, but it was cute and funny and enjoyable and stuff. And as a side note, I always wanted to create a spin-off called "Hard Time on Planet Ondarius." But, this show only lasted 13 episodes, and I'm not sure if I saw all of them. (I used to have seven episodes on tapes I had recorded, but I'm not sure if I even have those, anymore.) Anyway, the series didn't do well at all, critically or ratings-wise, so obviously a spin-off would be unthinkable. But the show did have its fans. It was pretty redonkulous, but I thought it was funny and interesting, and I'll always remember it quite fondly.

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