tek's rating: ½

Dark Skies, on NBC
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This 1996-97 series was set in like the 1950's and 60's. It showed its own version of the truth behind the Roswell crash, and the alien infiltration of Earth, and stuff. There was a secret government group called Majestic 12 which investigated this stuff and tried to stop it. There were aliens who were abducting people and putting these ganglion things in their heads to control their minds and stuff. There was this guy named John Loengard (Eric Close) and his girlfriend or fiance or whatever, Kim Sayers (Megan Ward), who were on the run from the aliens as well as from Majestic 12 to an extent, investigating things on their own and hoping to prove the truth to the world and stuff.

Well, it was kind of complicated, but it was pretty good, anyway. Not quite sure what else to say. If you know one of my other personalities, Captain Grey, he had some similar notions before this show ever came out, so he'd probably tell you it came close to the truth. But then, Grey's a nut. Oh yeah, and Jeri Ryan was on the show, for awhile. Anyway, I don't remember the show as well as I'd like to. I have a feeling I might rate it slightly higher if I did.

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