tek's rating: ½

Working, on NBC
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Fred Savage played an idealistic young man named Matt Peyser, who, at the start of the series, took a job at a giant corporation called Upton/Webber. The corporation wasn't nearly as idealistic as Peyser himself. And we often saw fake commercials for Upton/Webber just before the commercial break, which, looking back, reminds me a lot of an unrelated show that came later, Better Off Ted. (Looking back from even further in the future, it reminds me of Corporate.) Anyway, there was an executive named Tim Deale, who became fairly friendly with Matt, but he often tried to corrupt Matt, while Matt tried to get Tim to be more ethical. Other characters included Tim's secretary, Hal, whose intelligence was less appreciated than her looks; and office workers Abby (Arden Myrin), Jimmy, Delaney, and office manager Evelyn. In the second season, Jimmy and Hal were replaced by Liz (Debi Mazar) and Val. Anyway, the show could get kind of bizarre, and there were occasional fantasy sequences. Everyone was fairly odd, but amusing. I can't think what else to say. I do wish I remembered the show better, and I'd like to see it again someday.

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