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My Boys, on TBS
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There's this woman named PJ Franklin (Jordana Spiro) who is a sportswriter for the Chicago Sun Times. And she hangs out with a group of guys, including her brother Andy (Jim Gaffigan), her best friend Brendan, and a couple other friends, Kenny and Mike. Then a new guy named Bobby (Kyle Howard), a sportswriter for the Chicago Tribune, joins the group. They all, you know, get together at PJ's to play poker, or go out to a bar called Crowley's, and they talk about sports and dating and whatnot. While most of PJ's friends are guys, she does have one girl friend, named Stephanie, whose personality is a bit girlier than PJ's, but she likes PJ's guy friends well enough. Except Kenny, she dislikes him for some reason which remains unexplained (at least until a flashback in the fourth season premiere). We might occasionally see other characters, like whoever one of the gang is dating at the time, but they never last that long. Other than that, I dunno what to say. The show's pretty amusing and pleasant and all, and the characters are all likable. It's a pretty simple premise, so there's really nothing much else I could say. *shrug* It's just a comfortable, enjoyable little show.

Um... though there are changes in season four. Like Andy moves away, and Stephanie joins the poker group. (There's another important change involving Stephanie, but I really don't want to spoil that.) Sadly, the series was cancelled after season four. I really wish it had lasted longer.

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