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The Lone Gunmen, on FOX
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The Lone Gunmen were Byers, Frohike, and Langly. A trio of conspiracy-busters who put out a newspaper called The Lone Gunman (or sometimes The Magic Bullet, I think). They originated on The X-Files as friends of Mulder's, who sometimes helped him out on cases. Eventually they got their own show, which only lasted a season... a short season. They added a character to their show named Yves Adele Harlow (an anagram of Lee Harvey Oswald; played by Zuleikha Robinson), who was in many ways far more competent than the three main characters. She wasn't a part of their team, though she often ended up working with them. They never really trusted her, as she was a thief and more interested in her own profit than their goals of saving the world. Another addition to the show was Jimmy Bond, and he was indeed a member of the team. Dimwitted, but very eager to help the guys however he could. Each week there'd be some sort of conspiracy or misdeed or injustice, or just general bad stuff going on, and they'd do what they could to uncover it and put a stop to it, in their somewhat bumbling and terribly humorous way. Though unlike "The X-Files," the cases on this show were more grounded in reality than the paranormal. Even if the cases still weren't all that plausible... I thought it was a really cool and funny show.

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