Keen Eddie I didn't see enough of this to rate, and also don't remember it that well.

Keen Eddie, on FOX
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So there was this New York City cop named Eddie Arlette (Mark Valley), who seemed to think he lived on a cop show and was pretty cool. He even had his own catch phrase, "how do you like me so far?" But (theoretically) he didn't live in a cop show (excuse me, it's always confusing to switch between perspectives of viewers and characters, and this time I might be the only one who even thinks the character acted like he thought he was a character even though he wasn't even though technically, from our perspective, he was. Follow?) Anyway, a drug bust went bad, and he got sent to London to try to fix his mess, which he did, and then ended up staying there. He brought his dog Pete, who's pretty hard to live with, and he's sharing a flat with a woman named Fiona Bickerton (Sienna Miller), who's even harder to live with. He's renting the place from her parents, who think she's away at school or something, and she doesn't want them to find out she isn't, so um... yeah, they share the place, but don't really get along. Eddie's new partner is a cop named Monty Pippin, who is a sex addict. Not sure what else to say, but it's a pretty quirky and funny show, and though I didn't watch enough of it, I may get it on DVD someday. It definitely shoulda lasted longer.

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