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In 1998, there was a series called Cupid, created by Rob Thomas (who would later create one of my favorite series ever, Veronica Mars). I don't remember the show that well, but I do remember liking it... this made me ambivalent about checking out the remake. But since I already know I like the premise, and the revamp is also being made by Rob Thomas, that's a couple points in the show's favor, so of course I had to check it out. Also, one of the stars is Sarah Paulson, whose work I've enjoyed in a number of other things, so that's another point in the show's favor. Anyway, there will be, certainly, some minor changes to the show, which is starting over fresh, it's not a continuation.

Well... there's a psychiatrist and self-help author named Dr. Claire McCrae (Pauslon), who runs a singles therapy group or whatever. And she ends up becoming responsible for a John Doe mental patient, who calls himself Trevor Pierce, but who actually believes he's Cupid. And apparently he has to unite 100 couples before he'll be allowed to return to Olympus. Naturally, Claire doesn't believe he's really Cupid, she wants to cure him, believing there's some traumatic heartbreak in his past that has inspired his delusions. Oddly, he seems to know everything about Cupid and Greek/Roman mythology in general, except that Cupid had a mortal wife named Psyche. He has no recollection of ever having had a wife. Meanwhile, Trevor and Claire both want to help people find true love, they just have opposing points of view as to what true love means, and how to go about finding it. And while I generally agree more with her perspective, I think the truth is probably somewhere in between their views... and it seems as if there's probably something in her own past that has jaded her, somewhat.

Well, anyway, there's some mystery to be revealed over time about Trevor/Cupid, like whether he actually is Cupid or not. But mostly it's just different love stories each week. Personally, I love a good love story, if it's well written and acted and all... but the majority I've ever seen, I don't really buy that the people involved actually do, nor should, love each other. (Romeo & Juliet? Feh, those kids weren't in love... not that it wasn't a great story, mind you.) But when I do find it believable, it's great. Very happy, or sad, or moving in some way. And in the case of this show, I generally did find the stories both believable and entertaining.

Oh yes, and I need to mention that Trevor works as a bartender at Tres Equis, which is run by a guy named Felix Arroyo. And Trevor lives in an apartment above the bar. Felix is a fairly low-key guy, but he's funny in a dry, subtle way. Seems to get along well with Trevor, in spite of not believing that he's really Cupid, and treating the notion somewhat sarcastically. Also, he has a younger sister named Lita, who works as a waitress at Tres Equis. Not sure what else to say about the show, but I think the regulars are all likable enough, and so are the guest characters each week. Kind of surprising that you can really get to know them and get invested in their stories so quickly. And everyone, regulars and guests alike, tend to have some amusing, quirky lines now and then, that enhance the overall charm of the show. So, I'm kind of disappointed that it didn't last very long (only 7 episodes), and there was never any resolution to the overarching mystery of Trevor's past. But it was fun while it lasted....

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