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Sweating Bullets (aka "Tropical Heat"), on CBS
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My second favorite Crimetime After Primetime show, after Forever Knight. Though I have sometimes said Dark Justice ties for second, actually I gotta give this the edge. Anyway, this detective, Nick Slaughter, lived on Key Mariah and he was all sort of laid-back and casual and flippant or whatever. I dunno. He was kinda funny, but his partner Sylvie Girard mostly found him kind of annoying, I think. Anyway, it was a fun and funny kinda show while it lasted. Oh yeah, and Nick had a friend named Ian, who was later replaced by a friend named Spider, I guess. (I always found it mildly interesting that Spider was played by a guy named Ian and replaced a character named Ian. But that's just how my silly mind works, sometimes. I can be far too easily amused.) Anyway... um, dunno what else to say, except, I loved the theme song.

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