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Dark Justice, on CBS
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This series was one of the better ones in the CTAPT lineup, IMO, I'd say my third favorite (though I've sometimes said it's tied for second with Sweating Bullets). It was a kind of interesting show about a judge named Nick Marshall (who was played by two different actors in the course of the series) who used to be a lawyer, and before that, a cop. And the system keeps failing, criminals go free and stuff, but he kept believing in the system. Until his family ended up getting killed by some criminals who went free or something, so he put together a group of petty criminals who weren't really bad folks, and he let them go free when their cases came before him, so they'd have to help him out with their talents, in his quest to bring really bad criminals to justice.

They were all vigilantes, of course, and while the media loved them and called them the Night Watchmen, there was this one lawyer who wanted to find out who these people were and put a stop to their efforts, despite the fact that without them he'd probably never win any cases (at the end of the episode after he lost the cases the first time around). Anyway... um, kinda cool show I guess. There were four people on the team at any given time. Always had the judge, plus two guys (Moon and Gibs) and a girl, but there were a few different girls. Whenever one was lost, she'd be replaced. Um, dunno what else to say, except I probably would've rated it a bit higher when I was watching it.

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