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The Waltons, on CBS
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I must have watched reruns of at least a bit of this series, when I was a kid. Don't hardly remember any character besides John Boy. Can't really think of anything to say about the show, except I always sort of associated it somehow with Little House on the Prairie, which is just wrong. Two completely different shows, set in different times, and all that (this one's set in Virginia, between 1933 and 1946). But they were both period shows about fairly traditional sorts of families, or whatever. I guess. Anyway, it was probably okay, but I don't really miss it, or anything. Still, I might like to try to watch the series from the beginning, someday. Or not.

Yeah, honestly, all I really remember is at the end of each episode, everyone saying "good night" to each other. There were a lot of people living in that house, so it took awhile. But mostly I remember people saying "Good night, John Boy." That's probably been parodied in pop culture, a fair bit.

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