I don't remember this well enough to rate it.

Christy, on CBS
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This ran for two seasons, from 1994-95. There were later a few TV movies on PAX in 2000-01, which I didn't see. The series is based on a book that I haven't read. The main character was a schoolteacher named Christy Huddleston (Kellie Martin), who went to teach in this small town called Cutter Gap, Tennessee, in 1912. And like, there were a couple different guys who were interested in her, I guess: Reverend David Grantland, and Dr. Neil MacNeill. And Tyne Daly played this sort of I dunno, strict woman who talked all King James-style. (Um, I guess she was a Quaker.) And uh, there were other characters, too. I don't remember it that well. Anyway, I liked the show at first, but I thought it got kinda tired after awhile. Still, I might like to see it again someday, so I could write a proper review.

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