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Road to Avonlea, on CBC (Canada) / Disney Channel (USA)
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This was set in the town of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island, in like the first decade of the twentieth century. Based on books by L. M. Montgomery (which I haven't read, past the first "Anne" book). It was a cute little show, which took place sometime after the Anne of Green Gables miniseries, I guess. I used to watch it on CBC, but it's also been on Disney Channel. Anyway, hmmm, what to say? Jasper Dale and Gus Pike were cool. The show mostly focused on the King family. Hetty, Alec, Janet, Olivia, Felix and Felicity. A cousin or something named Sara Stanley (Sarah Polley) was the central focus of the show for a while, early on. But not later. I think she eventually left or something. Well, I can't think what else to say but that it was a fairly decent show. Sorry I'm doing such a terrible job with this review, I should watch the series again someday....

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